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About Tj Bartel

Tj is a relationship expert and Tantric educator with a very unique approach to Conscious Sexuality that integrates modern neuroscience, cutting edge personal growth techniques, and ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom.   

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at San Diego State University, Tj graduated at the top of his class at Tony Robbins Mastery University.  He trained with Charles Muir, the grandfather of the modern tantra movement, becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator and has been teaching with him at Source School of Tantra since 2004. He also studied Tantra with Margot Anand and Taoism with Mantak Chia and Chi Nei Tsang with Gilles Marine.   

Tj studied energetic mastery with Lynda Caesara in Berkeley California for 10 years and now teaches along-side her. He also brings his knowledge of modern neuroscience, NLP, NAC, and neural pathways reprogramming to the equation, which he explores in his audio book, Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Brain Science with renowned neuroscientist Daniel Amen. 

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