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I just have to share that since taking the workshop with you, in 48 hours my relationship has COMPLETELY turned around! I thought we might split up and now my partner has told me he wants to create a deep connection with me and that he wants to spend hours doing our practices and giving to me. He texted me out of the blue today and told me how deeply he appreciates me. I am truly amazed and grateful and even moderately shocked. All I had to do this entire time is give him space to come to me. I just stopped doing the things that were controlling and critical. I’m softening, slowing down, allowing and not questioning him about everything and asking what he thinks. Thank you! The workshop was a divine appointment. I give honor to you and the Goddess for supporting me in loving myself so much. Thank you!!!! ❤️


Working with you has utterly transformed my life and my relationship. I was so shut down sexually. And I thought the only way to be successful was to push and drive and be like a man. You have helped me find my way home to my body and unlock the power of being a woman. I am now able to feel pleasure in ways that were impossible before. My relationship with my husband is absolutely transformed. And not only are we having a renaissance in our relationship, but my daughter and I are closer than ever. 

Tj, I just cannot adequately express how deeply grateful I am for the way you so lovingly and respectfully worked with me during our sessions. You are a truly rare man with a heart full of gold. 

Thank you for everything!


I've had a total transformation in my life.

Every aspect of my life has transformed! The awakening and love I have experienced from working with you Tj has spiraled out from me to my children, my husband, and my clients. I have even lost 20 lbs!


TJ & THE QUEEN's CODE:  The book THE QUEEN’S CODE brought about so much new awareness and insight into the masculine ways of being for me – not only with respect to the men in my life but also to the masculine side of me.  I’ve learned a new level of appreciation for the masculine and better understand how to honor & utilize it!

To add to the insight received by reading THE QUEEN’S CODE, I spent time with Tj Bartel recently. Tj not only healed my body from my past (limiting beliefs, fears, pain, doubts, emotional baggage all released) which provided me with a new, clean platform – a clean slate from which to make much more conscious choices going forward, but spending time with Tj and just being in his incredible masculine energy brought about another huge shift in my awareness. Being in his presence not only raised my expectations for the men I choose to have in my life, but also helped me really connect with & honor the masculine in myself. The masculine in me is what allowed me to navigate my way to Yosemite Park, to the airport, around the Bay, to make all of my travel arrangements, pay for it, do research in advance so that the trip would flow with ease – and it did! I have also learned to honor my convictions, be very clear about what I will and will not do, protect my energy and my finances before I provide, know what restores balance in my body, make sure I honor that whenever I need to, utilize my single focus ability when needed and appreciate that the masculine energy allows me to do that! I believe that awareness was a direct download of being in his energy AND was fully received in the opening created by the releasing of my past. I had to clean the slate in order to receive the higher vibrational insight and perspective.  

The healing for me was much more physical than emotional. My entire body contracted and trembled, pulsed many times – as if the energy was breaking loose in my body so it could move. TJ used intention, physical contact and energy to move it through. He held the space for me to feel completely safe and protected in order to heal. I, in turn, surrendered and trusted him completely – all of which was honored by him in a very professional and respectful manner. After 6 hours, I was completely spent and the final release came with tears of joy and an incredible download of how every healer I’ve worked with, every intention to heal and find a better way, every action I’ve taken in alignment with this desire to free my body led up to this manifestation. It flashed before my eyes and I had an incredible download of awareness and insight in that moment. All I can say is “WOW!” and if you really want to rock your world, schedule some time with Tj Bartel.  

Thank you!


Over the past six months you have created a safe space for me to receive beyond my wildest and most daring dreams. 

In Gratitude,


You bring out the best in me Tj Bartel! You help me see things I don't really see or recognize about my life. (It's a wonderful gift!) being with you is constantly learning. Thank you.


What a magical 72 hours we've shared this week! Your unconditional love, tenderness and sacred healing has been life altering. I am blossoming in ways that I've never experienced. 


I wanted to just leave this note to say that our healing work together and the glimpses of love and opening these last few days have brung is a truly life-long prayer answered. To feel the depth of your practice, your the authenticity of your kindness and generosity and the strength of your unconditional love and feel embraced in my wounds and hurt and pain, even as you invite me to step out of a long-held identity and story and enter a world of love, light and begin to see a new way to hold myself and enter a state of grounded peace and radiant flow is a miracle! Please consider this a deep bow of gratitude for who you are and what you stand for. 


When I experience something truly exquisite and remarkable in my life, I attempt to capture that moment in time through music. I created a playlist to remind myself what is possible when I open my heart to the magnificent gifts the universe has for me. Our time together yesterday was one of those gifts, and I am deeply grateful for what you were able to awaken in me. There was both tremendous beauty and also some pain as I integrate what transpired. It is something I will always treasure. Now my work is to bring that energy into my relationship with my husband. Your work is so needed in this world and I hope you truly understand what a precious gift you are.


One day I was in the grocery store when I saw an old friend a few people ahead of me at the check out line. I couldn’t stop staring at her wondering what different about her. She was almost unrecognizable in fact for a moment I questioned if she was who I thought she was. I watched her stroll out to her car through the window. She was literally glowing and radiating vitality and inner peace. By the time my groceries were bagged she had already pulled away. I was so intrigued that I went home and searched for her number but couldn’t find it. I couldn’t even remember her last name so I couldn’t look it up. I felt defeated and simply gave up on it. 

To my delight she randomly showed up in my 7:00 am yoga class two weeks later. After class I made a mad dash to ask her to grab a cup of coffee and catch up. I was so excited to talk to her that I began asking questions immediately. Whatever she was doing. I wanted some for myself. When she explained that she was seeing a Daka (aka sexual healer), named Tj Bartel. I got scared and turned on at the same time. I couldn’t imagine allowing a perfect stranger to touch me in an intimate way but I also couldn’t imagine NOT exploring this possibility, so I called him. 

When we spoke, Tj explained to me that I have ALL the power. He said that all healing was self-healing and that sometimes our bodies just need a little push in the right direction but that my body’s natural intelligence and original vibration is one of unconditional love and bliss. To be honest, I was rolling my eyes at this statement but once I experienced my first session my eyes were wide open. I felt more beautiful and powerful that I ever though possible. I couldn’t believe that I spent so many years feeling like something was terribly wrong with my body. What a waste! I think that ALL women should have this experience. I instantly told all of my friends. Since then 6 of my friends and colleagues have gone to him and had amazingly similar experiencers. Now we are all regulars. Every single time I get a session with Tj Bartel, my body awakens a little more. Now rather than pain and numbness in my body I feel spaciousness and pleasure. It is truly a miracle! 


About Tj

Author, Teacher, Relationship Coach

Tj Bartel is a relationship expert and couples coach with a very unique approach to Conscious Sexuality that integrates modern neuroscience, cutting edge personal growth techniques, and ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom.   

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at San Diego State University, Tj graduated at the top of his class at Tony Robbins Mastery University.  He trained with Charles Muir, the grandfather of the modern tantra movement, becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator and taught with him at Source School of Tantra Yoga for 15 years. He also studied Tantra with Margot Anand and Taoism with Mantak Chia and Chi Nei Tsang with Gilles Marine. 


Tj studied energetic mastery with Lynda Caesara in Berkeley California for 10 years and served as her teaching partner for five years. He also brings his knowledge of modern neuroscience, NLP, NAC, and neural pathways reprogramming to the equation, which he explores in his audio book, Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Brain Science with renowned neuroscientist Daniel Amen. 

Tj's best-selling book Be a Great Lover Overnight and its companion course The Great Lover Blueprint support men and couples in deepening their capacity for emotional and physical intimacy. 

Most recently, Tj has developed a powerful new practice called LEAP: Lifeforce Energetic Alignment Protocol to help people understand and upgrade their body’s energetic operating system. It is this system which is at the root of both emotional and physical pain. In addition, Tj also enjoys leading sacred pilgrimages exploring the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt with his current teaching partner Dr. Rima Bonario. 

Tj also writes extensively. Read his writings at his various blogs:  Tj Bartel Energy Mastery

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