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Tj has taken all the great content in his best-selling book: Be A Great Lover Overnight, 8 Steps to Sexual Awakening: A Man's Guide to Loving a Woman and woven it together into a powerful online course The Great Lover Blueprint in which Tj shares personal stories from his 16 years as a Master Tantric Educator as well as powerful meditations and practices to upgrade your mindset, your skillset and your energy body. 

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Tj offers personal coaching via ZOOM Video Conferencing for men and couples wishing to increase their capacity for love and sexual fulfillment. Below you can book a FREE 20 minute consultation with Tj on Wednesdays between 2-4 p.m. Pacific or 5-7 p.m. Eastern to see if you are a good candidate to work with him in a private coaching experience. If you need a different time, please use the contact form to request an appointment.