LIfe-Force Energetic Alignment Protocol (LEAP)

The Power of Body-Based Healing

Body-based energy healing has dramatically improved the lives of my clients.


Body-Based healing modalities can be far more transformational then talk therapy alone. When we only talk about something that is bothering us, as opposed to moving it through the body, we bypass our greatest tool: Our Body.  

 The body can process energy, information, trauma and  in a different way because is capable of processing ONE MILLION TIMES  more bits of information than your brain. 

Every session increases your capacity to hold a bigger field, to have a bigger experience of pleasure, be able to move through more pain, and to open to greater possibility. It’s much like going to the gym and tearing the muscles down and the allowing them to build back up bigger and stronger. 

You can learn about your physical and energetic anatomy. You can learn how to balance your energy and to be more masterful in all of your interactions. 

Everything, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest object that exists, has its own energetic field surrounding it. The earth’s is called an atmosphere. For people it is often referred to as an aura. These fields are filled with information. For people, this included imbalances that can turn into emotional or physical issues. 

Negative patterns and fields can be dissolved or transformed through specific physical and energetic practices. Because of this you have much more power over your happiness or misery that formerly believed. By breaking limiting patterns with these practices you can spend more time feeling love, gratitude, and bliss.


Powerful energy healing techniques, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotic affirmation are masterfully interwoven throughout the session opening and unlocking the deep pools of love within you.  

You feel so lovable, so loving, so loved that you experience becoming love. 

Your body gets to have that experience so have the embodied knowledge of what it feels like to be in the state that you were supposed to be in your whole life.  

We sometimes call that BLISS.  It is your natural state and your birthright 

"I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees."

Pablo Neruda

LEAP Sessions

Tj uses a powerful technology called LifeForce Energetic Alignment Protocol (LEAP) help bring you back to your state of energetic balance. A LEAP session lasts 90-minute session and uses Mudras (light touch) in key locations on the body to direct the flow of energy in and through the body's energy centers. Tj is trained in the art of tracking and shifting stuck or clouded energy thereby clearing and opening the body's natural channels for energetic flow. (These sessions are fully clothed).

First session is $500/90 minutes (Regularly $900)

Call (855) 836-8665 to schedule or email  

Thank you notes

Who Knew?

I just have to share that since taking the workshop with you, in 48 hours my relationship has COMPLETELY turned around! I thought we might split up and now my partner has told me he wants to create a deep connection with me and that he wants to spend hours doing our practices and giving to me. He texted me out of the blue today and told me how deeply he appreciates me. I am truly amazed and grateful and even moderately shocked. All I had to do this entire time is give him space to come to me. I just stopped doing the things that were controlling and critical. I’m softening, slowing down, allowing and not questioning him about everything and asking what he thinks. Thank you! The workshop was a divine appointment. I give honor to you and the Goddess for supporting me in loving myself so much. Thank you!!!! ❤️


Loving it...

When I experience something truly exquisite and remarkable in my life, I attempt to capture that moment in time through music. I created a playlist to remind myself what is possible when I open my heart to the magnificent gifts the universe has for me. Our time together yesterday was one of those gifts, and I am deeply grateful for what you were able to awaken in me. There was both tremendous beauty and also some pain as I integrate what transpired. It is something I will always treasure. Now my work is to bring that energy into my relationship with my husband. Your work is so needed in this world and I hope you truly understand what a precious gift you are.


Thanks Brother...

Tj you have given me so much to put into practice in my relationship. I am more hopeful than ever that I can show up strong for my wife. 


These last few months of working with you have been wld ride. The workshop was like a fresh start for us. Thank you.

~ Jason

I feel more powerful and confident thanks to our work together. With your help, I finally got up the courage to ask her out and she said yes! I am excited to see where it leads. 

~ Dave

This was just what I needed to take myself and my work to the next level.



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