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    The Power of Body-Based Healing

    Body-based healing has dramatically improved the lives of my clients.

    Some of the benefits my clients experience include, the ability to be more present, aware and alive. Increased sensations of pleasure and safety as well as over all fulfillment and eventually unconditional bliss.  


    Body-Based healing modalities can be far more transformational then talk therapy alone. When we only talk about something that is bothering us, as opposed to moving it through the body, we bypass our greatest tool: Our Body.  

     The body can process energy, information, trauma and  in a different way because is capable of processing ONE MILLION TIMES  more bits of information than your brain. 

    Every session increases your capacity to hold a bigger field, to have a bigger experience of pleasure, be able to move through more pain, and to open to greater possibility. It’s much like going to the gym and tearing the muscles down and the allowing them to build back up bigger and stronger. 

    You can learn about your physical and energetic anatomy. You can learn how to balance your energy and to be more masterful in all of your interactions. 

    Everything, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest object that exists, has its own energetic field surrounding it. The earth’s is called an atmosphere. For people it is often referred to as an aura. These fields are filled with information. For people, this included imbalances that can turn into emotional or physical issues. 

    Negative patterns and fields can be dissolved or transformed through specific physical and energetic practices. Because of this you have much more power over your happiness or misery that formerly believed. By breaking limiting patterns with these practices you can spend more time feeling love, gratitude, and bliss.


    The healing that is the deepest is when you have had hours of sexual pleasure. That pleasure comes from having the right amount of dopamine, oxytocin, phenylethamine and serotonin pumping through your body at the same time Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotic affirmation are masterfully interwoven throughout the session 

    You feel so lovable, so loving, so loved that you experience becoming love. 

    Your body gets to have that experience so have the embodied knowledge of what it feels like to be in the state that you were supposed to be in your whole life.  

    We sometimes call that BLISS.  It is your natural state and your birthright 

    In a Awakening and Activation Healing Session I help bring you back to your state of original bliss. I can get your body into the state where it has its most powerful tools available for healing. Once there, it’s not me that does the healing. It’s your body.

    "I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees."

    Pablo Neruda

    Awakening & Activation Sessions

    Before your Private Session or Ultimate Experience, Tj will meet with you by phone to learn your strengths, challenges, and intentions as an individual and with others. Based on your unique needs and interests, Tj will custom design a fun, practical, and highly effective program for your time together.


    For Women

    In a safe space, Tj will support you in exploring the dynamics of how you give and receive love during your bliss awakening adventure. You will gain tools to dramatically enhance passion, pleasure, and peace. As well as new ways of connecting with others physically, sexually, verbally and energetically.   

    For Couples

    Tj specializes in supporting couples who want to take their relationship to a whole new level of intimacy and love. Through a custom combination of coaching and awakening sessions, he will help you build an extraordinary relationship.

    For Men

    Tj coaches men on how to inhabit the entirety of their masculine energy and potential. He also offers sessions that support men in increasing their mastery in giving pleasure to women.

    Awakening Sessions are $600 per hour and sessions typically run 2-3 hours for women and couples and 1-2 hours for men.   

    Click here for information on scholarships. Appointments are typically secured 1-3 months in advance. See dates below.

    The Ultimate - It's What every woman deserves...

    Thank you notes

    Who Knew?

    All my experiences up to now had me believing that orgasm was a rare pleasure for me. Not anymore! My body has completely changed and I love it! 


    Loving My Body...

    Working with you has helped me fall in love with myself and my body for the first time in my life. I had no idea I could feel this good, this confident, this sexy!
    ~ RB 

    Ready for More...

    I have never felt so loved and cherished in all my life. Thank you! I know I just left, but I am ready to book another Ultimate with you now!

    My Life is so Different Now...

    Since working with you I am seeing more love and beauty in my life. I am more patient and kind with my kids and my husband.  


    Available Session Times

    Upcoming Dates in the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, Los Gatos)

    Limited session openings are available in February and April of 2018. 

    Call (855) 836-8665 for days and times or email assistance@tjbartel.com.  

    Upcoming Dates in Maui

    Tj is teaching in Maui from mid-March to early April 2018. A limited number of session times are available. Call for dates and times (855) 836-8665 or email assistance@tjbartel.com.

    Upcoming Dates in Boston

    Tj is teaching in Boston late April through early May and again during the first two weeks of June for 2018. Call for available session dates and times (855) 836-8665 or email assistance@tjbartel.com.

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