Be a Great Lover Overnight by Tj Bartel

A Special Offer Based on Tj's New Book

Tj's long awaited book How to be a Great Lover Overnight - 8 Steps to Sexual Awakening: A Man’s Guide to Loving a Woman is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Be part of Tj's The Great Lover Blueprint, his signature program for men tased on his best-selling book. 


Learn to give pleasure like a pro and last as long as you like during sexual experiences. Discover the powerful principles and practices that will allow her to feel safe, surrendered and turned on all at the same time so she has more pleasure than she ever thought possible.  

The lack of accurate and helpful information available to men today is astonishing, however you already have all of the tools to please just about any woman within you now. 

The problem is that men and woman are wired differently and it's essential to understand how those differences cause confusion and dysfunction. This lack of understanding along with the massive amount of misinformation are responsible for so much sexual dysfunction, porn addiction, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sky-rocketing divorce rates. Get the inside track on how to how to bridge this gap and access your unique power as a man.

This course is your All Access Pass to the transformational knowledge Tj has gained from 16 years of experience personally facilitating the sexual awakening of thousands of women around the world.

You will learn: 

  1. The mindset of a Great Lover and let go of the illusion of not being good enough once and for all!
  2. When and where to touch her, and for how long so that she wants more.
  3. Last as long as you want while experiencing more pleasure. 
  4. Have mind blowing orgasms with or without ejaculating.
  5. Be present and powerful in and out of the bedroom.


Enjoy this short clip from class #1

great lover blueprint Introductory course

Each class will be held on ZOOM video conferencing technology.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes will be recorded and available for your review.

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Class 1

Introduction to the course


Developing the Great Lover Mindset

Class 2


Bridging the Gap between Men and Women

Q & A

Class 3


Understanding Energy

Class 4


Learning the 7 Modalities of Touch

Class 5


Exploring The Lost Art of Kissing

Q & A

Class 6


Learning the Keys to Moving Energy

Class 7


Unlocking Her Full Orgasmic Potential - And Yours Too!

Class 8


Giving an Awakening Session

Q & A & Next Steps

Bonus 2-Day Live event

This online course with Tj Bartel will be held via ZOOM video conferencing technology. All distance classes will be recorded.  

Live event includes a chance to experience Tj as your coach. Location details to come. Lodging and food not included. 

what you get:


8 Classes (11 hours) of Instruction on the 8-Step Great Lover Blueprint


Step One: Developing the Great Lover Mindset

Step Two: Bridging the Gap Between Men & Women

Step Three: Understanding Energy

Step Four: Learning the 7 Modalities of Touch

Step Five: Exploring the Lost Art of Kissing

Step Six: Learning the Keys to Moving Energy

Step Seven: Unlocking Her Full Orgasmic Potential (and Yours!)

Step Eight: Giving an Awakening Session 

Access to Online Learning Portal

This online course classroom includes:

Detailed notes from Tj Bartel's book

Exercise and Practices to Enhance Learning

Links to online Videos for Additional Instruction

Recordings of the Live Classes for Review

PLUS 2-Day Live Event

During this live event at the end of this online course, every man will get opportunity to experience Tj Bartel as a personal coach when he supports each participant to more deeply embody his masculine presence. In addition Tj will share custom feedback for each man to allow him to deepen the skills and energy mastery necessary to be a great lover.

$15,000 value

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A limited number of partial scholarships are available for the program

If you believe you would qualify for a reduced rate for this online course, please send an email to answering these questions:

1) Where do you know Tj Bartel from?

2) What calls you to do this work?

3) What is your level of commitment?

4) Why do you believe you qualify for a scholarship for this program?

5) What additional skills or talents do you have that you could offer in exchange for  the scholarship?

Every effort will be made to offer scholarship funds toward the cost of the course for those who have a clear need and a true commitment to becoming a better lover, partner, and man.