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FOR MEN: The Great Lover Blueprint


Tj's long awaited book How to be a Great Lover Overnight - 8 Steps to Sexual Awakening: A Man’s Guide to Loving a Woman is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Be part of Tj's The Great Lover Blueprint, his signature program for men tased on his best-selling book. 


Learn to give pleasure like a pro and last as long as you like during sexual experiences. Discover the powerful principles and practices that will allow her to feel safe, surrendered and turned on all at the same time so she has more pleasure than she ever thought possible.  

The lack of accurate and helpful information available to men today is astonishing, however you already have all of the tools to please just about any woman within you now. 

The problem is that men and woman are wired differently and it's essential to understand how those differences cause confusion and dysfunction. This lack of understanding along with the massive amount of misinformation are responsible for so much sexual dysfunction, porn addiction, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sky-rocketing divorce rates. Get the inside track on how to how to bridge this gap and access your unique power as a man.

This course is your All Access Pass to the transformational knowledge Tj has gained from 16 years of experience personally facilitating the sexual awakening of thousands of women around the world.

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FOR COUPLES: PowerCouples Exotic Retreat


Join Tj in an exclusive location for a week-long retreat and take your relationship to a level of pleasure and intimacy you have only dreamed of having. Breakdown barriers and master skills which will heal old wounds, open new possibilities, and unleash sexual potency in your relationship.   

Are you a Power Couple?

Power Couples have arrived at a place in life where their financial and professional presence is solid. They have made many of their dreams come true. Often Power Couples have solid relationships too, and they are craving deeper levels of intimacy and are seeking new heights in sexual pleasure. 

But all too often financial success has come at the expense of the relationship: too much work, too much stress, or just too many distractions may have left the relationship feeling far less successful that it could be.

This retreat is especially designed for couples seeking the deepest dive possible. 

There are skills and guidance available to those who want them. Tj can teach you these skills and guide you in applying the same focus that allowed you to build a successful career to the most important arena of life: your intimate relationship. 

This 7-day event will take your relationship to an entirely new level.  By Application only.

FOR COUPLES & SINGLES: An Egyptian Adventure


We are currently planning our next trip to Egypt. 

Dates are February 2020. 

Please fill out the form below if you would like information on this upcoming trip.

This changes everything...

We’ve had such a powerful shift in our relationship. We are happier, better connected, and making more love than we ever have.
Thank you! Thank you, so very much!

So glad we went...

I was very skeptical when my wife suggested we do this work together. I honestly had no idea what was possible. We are in a whole new world of love now. You are the real deal, man.  
~ TW 

It was a healing vacation for us...

We had tried getting help from a lot of people, counselors and therapists. We even considered splitting up. How glad we are that didn't happen before we found you. We've gotten a fresh start.

~ JS and KS

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