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FOR MEN: The Great Lover Blueprint


Tj's long awaited book How to be a Great Lover Overnight - 8 Steps to Sexual Awakening: A Man’s Guide to Loving a Woman is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Be part of Tj's The Great Lover Blueprint, his signature program for men tased on his best-selling book. 


Learn to give pleasure like a pro and last as long as you like during sexual experiences. Discover the powerful principles and practices that will allow her to feel safe, surrendered and turned on all at the same time so she has more pleasure than she ever thought possible.  

The lack of accurate and helpful information available to men today is astonishing, however you already have all of the tools to please just about any woman within you now. 

The problem is that men and woman are wired differently and it's essential to understand how those differences cause confusion and dysfunction. This lack of understanding along with the massive amount of misinformation are responsible for so much sexual dysfunction, porn addiction, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sky-rocketing divorce rates. Get the inside track on how to how to bridge this gap and access your unique power as a man.

This course is your All Access Pass to the transformational knowledge Tj has gained from 16 years of experience personally facilitating the sexual awakening of thousands of women around the world.

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FOR COUPLES: The Energy of Intimacy Workshop


The Energy of Intimacy Workshop offers practical tools that will increase the emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection in your relationship.

What are your goals for your relationship? What kind of relationship do you desire?

Many couples settle for having a “good enough” relationship even though deep down they want more. Some are afraid to "rock the boat" if things seem just fine. But if you are ready to go beyond "just fine" or if your relationship is bordering on trouble, now is the time to act to make it better, before things get worse, or much worse.

It can feel risky to want something more. It can feel even riskier to ask for it… 

Imagine having a relationship that is: 

  • Energetically Healthy: creating a deeply felt sense of comfort and safety 
  • Powerfully Resilient: virtually eliminating miscommunication and arguments 
  • Consciously Connected: building deep trust and mature bonding without codependence
  • Deeply Passionate: resolving physical, emotional, and psychological barriers to fulfilling sex  

Are you up for the risk of wanting something more in your relationship…more connection, more passion, more safety, more joy?  

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FOR COUPLES & SINGLES: An Egyptian Adventure


Harness the magic and mystery of Egypt to fulfill your Soul-Goals!

Have you always dreamed of traveling to Egypt? Does your heart beat fast imagining going inside the Great Pyramid, visiting Isis' Temple, or sailing on the Nile River? Now is your chance to fulfill this Soul-Goal maybe several others -  including becoming a published author!

It's time to complete your Soul-Mission in this lifetime - with ease, grace, and joy.

I am returning to Egypt with my colleague and co-facilitator Dr. Rima Bonario and I hope you will join the amazing group of people gathering for this journey.

We will weave together the guidance and intuition of The Divine Feminine with the aligned and holy action of The Divine Masculine in an Alchemy of the Soul unlocking your fullest Divine Expression.

Egypt is one of the most potent power places on earth. And walking her holy lands will activate and amplify your Soul Work.

And we can promise you...


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This changes everything...

We’ve had such a powerful shift in our relationship. We are happier, better connected, and making more love than we ever have.
Thank you! Thank you, so very much!

So glad we went...

I was very skeptical when my wife suggested we do this work together. I honestly had no idea what was possible. We are in a whole new world of love now. You are the real deal, man.  
~ TW 

It was a healing vacation for us...

We had tried getting help from a lot of people, counselors and therapists. We even considered splitting up. How glad we are that didn't happen before we found you. We've gotten a fresh start.

~ JS and KS

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