The Benefits of Practicing Your Bliss

1) Make a Powerful Connection with Yourself

So often we believe the way to have a better relationship is to find the right person, when it really starts with BEING the right person. 

Practicing Your Bliss will help you discover and harness the well-spring of love, passion, and harmony that is already within you so that you can bring that to any and every relationship you have.

2) Deepen your Capacity for Unconditional Self-Love

The practice of cultivating and expressing bliss develops neural pathways in your brain that will actually hard-wire in loads of self-love and compassion.

Practicing Your Bliss will create and strengthen these connections so that your heart and mind are in sync and you are effortlessly able to love yourself and therefore others. 

3) Spice Up Your Romantic Relationships

Too often couples loose interest in their sex lives because of the energy it takes. Between work, family, and the stress of life, our passion can fall by the wayside. Even singles may find it hard to put in the time and energy needed to create a meaningful love connection. 

Once your heart and mind are in sync and your love and bliss have been awakened Practicing Your Bliss will help you bring this new source of energy into all areas of your life, and especially into the bedroom. Hot! Hot! HOT!

4) Experience and Maintain a More Blissful Life

Social Scientist and author Brene Brown's research shows that one of the most difficult emotions to hold is JOY. People often find themselves "topping out" or self-sabotaging when things start going really well. They just don't have enough practice at holding the energy of love and joy - so they blow it.

Practicing Your Bliss is an important step in helping you to sustain all the amazing love you have attracted or want to magnetize into your life. After all, 


What is possible for you?

Owning My Power!

Since working with Tj I have learned to honor my convictions, be very clear about what I will and will not do, protect my energy and my finances before I provide, know what restores balance in my body, and make sure I honor that whenever I need to.

Total Transformation!

Every aspect of my life has transformed! The awakening and love I have experienced from working with you Tj has spiraled out from me to my children, my husband, and my clients.
I have even lost 20 lbs!


I had no Idea that I could love myself so fiercely!

Tj, the practices and principles you have taught me have had an amazing impact on my life. The thing I noticed the most is how different I feel about myself, my body, and my purpose in life. It's a love-fest over here!


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My mission is to spread massive amounts of love and joy to as many people as humanly possible.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to devote just 30 minutes a month for the next 12 months to yourself, to becoming more alive and juicy, so you can experience more love, harmony, bliss and delight in your life!  

Now is the time to say YES to your BLISS.

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Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for your wise words and profound presence. Working with you has made my life and the lives of those whom I love more incredibly loving and harmonious.


You are a Gift!

Thank you for bringing so much love, hope and healing to me and all of my sisters along the way. You are truly a gift to all women.


I feel Whole!

Tj, because of you I am finally feeling whole! Maybe for the first time in my life. I feel sexy and sassy in a way that simply makes me giddy! Please don't ever stop doing this work!