transformational travel in Egypt - March 6 - 17, 2020

Awakening and Activation - The 7 Gates Initiatory Journey in Egypt

I have always been drawn to Egypt and have known that one day I would visit. That time has finally come and I am excited to invite you to travel with me to this powerful and ancient land on what I know will be a spectacular spiritual experience and a profound unfolding of the soul and spirit.

Join me and my co-facilitator Dr. Rima Bonario for a powerful deep-dive course: This course is designed to activate and awaken your Personal Divine Matrix through a powerful blend of ancient sacred spaces, soulful ritual, deep energy work, and potent practices to help you draw forth the fullness of your Essence and translate that into everyday living.

This tour is open to women and men, singles and couples. The teaching will focus on unleashing the well-spring of Divine Love within , as well as love of self and others. Learn the key to maintaining your passion for life and your personal power, whether you are in a committed relationship, looking for one, or happy on your own. Love is the magical substance that underlies all of life's happiness, and knowing how to feel deserving of your own love is the necessary pre-requisite to finding and maintaining love with others. Once and for all break free from self-destructive and combative habits that get in the way of you feeling and sharing the love that you are. Activate the pool of passion, presence and power that resides at your core so that you can:

  • Connect deeply with your authentic self
  • Open a conduit to your soul to access guidance and direction
  • Create more harmony in your personal and professional relationships
  • Unlock the life-force energy to enhance your sense of health and well-being
  • Move stuck energy patterns that keep you from achieving your goals
  • Cultivate the personal power to protect your energy-body from unwanted interference and negativity
  • Upgrade your energetic operating system to magnify your experience of bliss
  • Turn on the magnetic core of your being to enhance your presence and manifest your desires.


I am owning my power for the first time ever!

Since working with Tj I have learned to honor my convictions, be very clear about what I will and will not do, protect my energy and my finances before I provide, know what restores balance in my body, and make sure I honor that whenever I need to.

I've had a total transformation in my life.

Every aspect of my life has transformed! The awakening and love I have experienced from working with you Tj has spiraled out from me to my children, my husband, and my clients. I have even lost 20 lbs!


I had no idea I could love myself so fiercely.

Tj, the practices and principles you have taught me have had an amazing impact on my life. The thing I noticed the most is how different I feel about myself, my body, and my purpose in life. It's a love-fest over here!


This journey is about YOU and what you need to transform in your life to create greater authenticity, greater vibrancy, and greater soul satisfaction in everyday life. That could look like...

  • You find and inhabit your unique feminine essence.
  • You have a profoundly spiritual experience that more deeply connects you to your source energy.
  • You get very clear about your career and purpose.
  • You tap into your sacred sexuality and deep desire.
  • You will most definitely access your life-force energy and get “turned on” again. The way you choose to channel that energy is up to you.


What to expect...

Ancient Pilgrimage

Visit the most amazing holy places on earth and unleash your DIVINE MATRIX..

Wisdom Circle


Gather in circle and MASTER esoteric teachings and embodiment PRACTICES.

Healing Sessions


AWAKEN and ACTIVATE the ESSENCE that dwells in you through the art of energy healing.

Relax and Unwind


ENJOY soulful REST and delightful FUN as you soak up the warmth of Egypt's sunshine and people


Join us for this Once in a lifetime Journey!

How we will work together

This program consists of three pre-trip calls, 12 days of pilgrimage, a private 60-minute  energy sessions using the Life-Force Energetic Alignment Protocol (LEAP). And three post-trip Integration calls.

January 30: Group Call #1

Our journey together begins with a 90-minute call in July to set the container for our voyage. We will call the circle together and get to know one another. WeI will share an overview of what to expect on the trip, answer all of your questions about what to expect and begin to orient you for the journey ahead.

February 13: Group Call #2

We dive in deeper into the sacred teachings planned for the trip on our second call. In addition, you will experience a meditation and energetic transmission that will begin preparing you for the shifts you can expect on the journey. We will teach you so basic energy practices to use in preparation for the trip.

February 27: Group Call #3

As we continue preparing for our journey to the Nile Delta in Egypt, we will strengthen our container and finalize all travel details. This final call will set the stage for the most exciting adventure that awaits you. We will end with another powerful meditation and energetic practice.

Next Steps

An incredibly powerful group of pilgrims has begun forming for this program. This is a circle you will not want to miss! 

We are down to our final places.

If you are feeling a FULL-BODY YES, send an email Tj and Rima at to set up a private conversation to see if the trip is a good fir for you and if you are a good fit for the trip. 


March 6 - 17, 2020 - Magic, Miracles & Mystery in Egypt

Heading to The Home of The Goddess

From March 6th - 17th, we will travel to Egypt and meet each other in person to anchor our work at the Earth’s physical expression of the divine feminine: The Nile.

The Nile Delta has always been a symbol of the feminine divine. It’s damp, fecund, fertile, growing. It’s powerful when it floods, and it nurtures new growth as it recedes. We are venturing to the cradle of life. Modern-day Egypt may seem like the least likely place to encounter Divine Feminine energy, but in this trip, we will spend our time outside of the modern Egypt experience. We will travel south of Cairo where the pace of life is slower and people are more connected to the land. It is sacred ground with a profound history connecting back to the dawn of human civilization.

And this part of the world is the home of the Goddess known as The Queen of Heaven (or Isis, Inanna, Anat, and Astarte). We will have a private tour of Isis’ Temple at Philae at dawn, where the sacred feminine energy is truly palpable. We will explore rarely seen rooms in several temples that are dedicated to the Goddess, each holding potent, sacred feminine energy. Imagine holding the hands of your sisters in ceremony and ritual connecting us to these ancient power centers, with the intention of more easily connecting into and anchoring our own Divine Matrix energy!

In addition to our nights in world-class hotels, we will relax by day and be rocked to sleep at night as we sail for 6 magnificent days and nights on her gentle waters aboard a private Dahabiya, the same style of boat used in antiquity to navigate her miles of luscious reed-lined waterways, chartered just for us.

During our time together, you will sit in circle with like-minded pilgrims seeking to open to their greatest potential through ritual and deep mystery work. You will be pampered with exquisite food in the most magical locations. And you will have a 60-minute LEAP energy session with Tj or Rima.



DAY 1: Friday, March 6 - Arrive in Cairo by 5 p.m. (Hotel Night in Cairo)

Your tour manager will meet and assist you at Cairo International Airport and escort you to Le Meridian Airport. At the hotel our tour manager will assist with a smooth check-in. Relax at the pool, schedule a spa treatment, have a leisurely dinner on your own. The tour begins later that evening at our Welcome and Awakening Circle with Rima & Tj where we will set our intentions for this sacred pilgrimage. (Please keep in mind that you will need to leave the US on Thursday, March 5th to arrive in Cairo on Friday, March 6th)

DAY 2: Saturday, March 7 - Flight to Luxor, Check in to Private Yacht (Cabin - all cabins are double occupancy) & Visit Luxor Temple at Night

Early morning after breakfast we arrive at Cairo airport for short flight to Luxor, after which we check in our private yacht & enjoy a delicious dinner on board made by our private chef.

We will begin our energy sessions in the afternoon as well as rest and enjoy our first views of the Nile.

After dinner we will visit the magnificently illuminated Temple of Luxor. This temple is deigned to represent the human body. We will use our visit to prime our body and energy system to receive the teachings for each chakra we walk the length of the temple moving from the feet deeper into the temple towards the head where the holy of holies, the inner sanctuary, is located. This is a wonderful place to focus on physical healing as well as set the intention for the powerful initiations to come.

DAY 3: Sunday, March 8 - Visit Karnak Temple & Set Sail on the Nile

Early morning, we visit the magnificent Karnak Temple where will hold our first initiation ceremony (Earth/Root Chakra). Karnak is the biggest temple complex in Egypt - and a very special place. It is dedicated to the God Amun and Mut. As you enter, you walk between rows of rams-headed sphinxes, which originally connected Karnak with Luxor Temple three miles away. Take some time to visit the sacred lake of Karnak, ask for purification and place your intention in your mind's eye into the lake.

The highlight of the visit is a rarely seen small chapel dedicated to Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of compassion and courage. She is associated with feminine fire and healing through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin. In a potent private initiation, we will honor the Goddess and receive the gift of courage to be our authentic selves.

Once back on the boat we start our sailing up the Nile river. We have our second initiation ceremony (Water/Sacral Chakra) while sailing on the Nile followed by energy sessions and enjoying the rest of the day relaxing.

DAY 4: Monday, March 9 - Visit Edfu Temple

This morning after breakfast we will visit Edfu Temple,. Edfu represents the struggle of good and bad through the story of Isis, Osiris, Set and Horus. Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity. The eye of Horus greatly relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, the intuitive, the feminine energy. The right eye is connected to the solar, the masculine, the action, and the yang energy. Both are necessary for true power to exist.

We will use this visit to bring into balance our masculine and feminine power centers. In our third initiation ceremony (Fire/Solar Chakra), we will work with balancing the lunar and the solar energies inside of us and awaken our intuitive centers to call in a higher perspective. We will visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple - temple of Horus his energy is still very preserved. Once back on the boat we start continue sailing, enjoy lunch, circle time, energy sessions, and time to yourself.

DAY 5: Tuesday, March 10 - Visit Komombo Temple and Sail to Aswan

We move towards Aswan we arrive at the Temple of Komombo. This temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek and Ra Hr. Akhty. Sobek is the crocodile god which represents the Lower Self, and the god Ra Hr, AKA Horus,"Who Is In Heaven" and who represents the Higher Self. This temple holds the Atlantic energy. If you are ready for this experience you will detach from the struggles between our higher and lower self, letting go of fear and negativity as we see struggle depicted on the temple walls. We will have our fourth initiation ceremony (Air/Heart) as we bridge the upper and lower selves/chakras. Once back on the boat we start continue sailing, enjoy lunch, circle time, enjoying energy sessions, and time relaxing.

DAY 6: Wednesday, March 11 - Visit Aswan - Felucca ride and Bazaar

We will enjoy a relaxing day of energy sessions and then a visit points of interest in Aswan. Here we will hold our fifth invitation ceremony (Aether/Throat Chakra).

DAY 7: Thursday, March 12 - Private Visit to Isis; Temple at Philae and Day Sailing  

One of  the trip's highlights, we will take a pre-dawn boat ride out to the island of Philae for a private sunrise meditation and ritual. This powerful experience will open your heart so that you can receive Isis's blessings and medicine. This isle represents a fusion of three great civilizations Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The presence of Isis is palpable in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies of her temple. It is often many guests' favorite spot in all of Egypt. Here we will hold our sixth invitation ceremony (Third Eye). We will invite the Goddess to open our sense of intuition and Divine Knowing igniting the parts of you that are sleeping, activating divinity codes and turning on your inner light. This ceremony will uplift and awaken your soul!

This is our final day on the Nile is a day of deep integration. After lunch back on the boat, we dive deeper into our circle time, taking our learning into our core. We will complete our energy sessions and have time for journaling and visiting as we make our way back to Luxor.

DAY 8 - Friday, March 13 - Drive to Abydos (Hotel Night)

Early morning after breakfast we will drive in our air conditioned coach to Sohag City where the famous Abydos Temple is located. After lunch you will have time to rest and settle in. We will hold a night circle ceremony and then head to bed early to rest up for the next day's events.

DAY 9 - Saturday, March 14 - Abydos Temple (Hotel Night)

After our early morning breakfast, we will visit Abydos Temple. Abydos is dedicated to Osiris and houses the nine great beings known as the Ennead. These temples rest next to and above the most ancient Osirian, one of the premier power places on the planet. It includes a more recent temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful bas relief of any temple in Egypt.

We will conduct our 7th and final initiation ceremony in the Hall of the Osirian opening the crown chakra. Here we will also see the ancient symbol of the flower of life found on the stones and close our learning circle.

DAY 10 - Sunday, March 15 - Return to Cairo, Cairo Museum and Bazaar (Hotel Night)

After our early morning short flight back to Cairo, we visit the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to view the spiritual legacy of priest kings, queens, scribes and healers. The museum holds an astounding collection of Egyptian antiquities and exhibits over 120,000 artifacts, including those magnificent treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamen. Here you'll see the gods and goddesses of Egypt that you've been getting to know, rendered in hieroglyphs and reliefs and witness the legacy of the supposed "heretic" pharaoh, Akhenaton, the first monotheist. If you like, you can see the mummies exhibit and more.

Following lunch, no trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al-Kahlil Bazaar. The bazaar is loud, crowded, colorful, and exciting! Full of all kinds of goods and shiny baubles, you can find the typical tourist trinkets here, but don't let them distract you from the genuinely fine shopping to be found here also. After shopping we check in at Le Meridian Hotel Pyramid for the night.

Day 11: Monday, March 16 - The Great Pyramid, The Sphinx, Gamal's Oil Shop and Farewell dinner

Just when you think the tour couldn't possible be any more amazing...get ready to have your entire being upgraded! This potent day begins after breakfast with and early morning visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Nothing will prepare you for the majesty of this ancient wonder. You will enter the pyramid and after climbing to the top of the the narrow passage, we will have a culminating initiation in the King's Chamber to experience the final rebirthing as we come into alignment with our own Divine nature. We will bring forth that which must be unleashed so that we can be free to live the fullness of our soul's calling.

From there we visit the famous Sphinx complex and feel ourselves enlivened by the ancient secrets buried beneath it.

And as if the day isn't already filled with wonder, following lunch, we will have a private visit at Gamal's Essential Oil Shop where we will have the privilege of hearing his his wisdom and knowledge about the chakra system as a 5th generation alchemist. He will bring us from the lofty realms of our crown chakra and our Divine Self all the way back down into out Base chakra so that we may full embody and integrate our Divine nature. To complete the day we will have a Farewell dinner, basking in the reflection of our shared Egyptian experience. 

Day 12: Tuesday, March 16 - Breakfast and Prepare for Departure  

After a hearty breakfast, you will be escorted to the airport to catch your returning flight home. We recommend you plan for a late morning or mid-day departure to give yourself space in the morning.

Are you feeling a YES?

An incredibly powerful group of women has begun forming for this program. This is a circle you will not want to miss! 

We are down to our final places.

If you are feeling a FULL-BODY YES, send an email Tj and Rima at or to set up a private conversation to see if the trip is a good fir for you and if you are a good fit for the trip. 

This exclusive experience has space for only 10 pilgrims

Apply Today

We are looking for participants with a FULL BODY YES!

Due to the intimate nature of this trip, those interested in joining us must apply for a place on the trip. The work we will be embarking on is not for the casual learner. We are going deep, with no holding back, as we seek alignment with a profound and permanent change in body, mind, heart and soul.

To apply, send an email letter to Rima and Tj sharing what calls you to Egypt and what you wish to get out of the program. 

Once your letter has been received, we will set up a phone conversation with you to make sure the trip is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for the circle. 

We want to be sure  you have all of your questions answered and you are ready to step into the magic, mystery, and miracles that await you in Egypt.

Send your email application letter to or


What You get


Pre-Retreat Circle Preparation

January 30, 2020: Setting intention for Sacred Pilgrimage
February, 13, 2020: Preparing Our Energy System for An Upgrade
February 27, 2020: Practical Preparations & Soulful Meditation

12-Day Deep Dive Retreat in Egypt (March 6 - March 17)

Sacred Circle work with Rima & Tj
7 Gates Sacred Initiation Ceremonies & Rituals Throughout the Journey
6 Days and Nights on board our Private Sailing Yacht (Dahabeya) with Private Chef
5 Nights single occupancy accommodation in Five-Star or Best in Region Hotel (unless registering as a couple or pair)
All in-country travel including airfare and coach transportation
All meals and drinks from Welcome Circle through day of departure
All Tickets and Entry Fees for Temples and Cairo Attractions
Private Tour of Philae Temple
Private Visit to rarely seen Sehkmet Temple
Private Teaching Circle with Gamal Abdula at his Essential Oil Shop
60-Minute Private LEAP Awakening Session

Post-Retreat Circle Integration

April 2, 2020: Group Coaching
April, 16, 2020: Staying the Course & Group Coaching
April 30, 2020: Creating Your Future & Group Coaching

Total Value of This Program is $15,750
Your Investment is only $8,500 single occupancy
Register with a friend/partner (double occupancy) and save $1000 each!
A very limited number of trade/scholarship spots are available for those who feel called to attend and may need financial help.

Please note the following items are not included:
Airfare to Egypt (although we can support you in booking your flights)
Alcohol in Restaurants (wine, beer, and some spirits are provided on the boat)
Entry Visa ($25 from USA)
Service Tips $250 (we collect this upfront on the first day and do all the tipping for you!)

Reserve your place today!

Make a single payment of $8500


Does not include airfare to Egypt.

Make a $1500 deposit and 4 payments of $1750 by 12/15/19


Does not include airfare to Egypt.

Better with a friend! Book two for $15,000 (save $1000 each)


Does not include airfare to Egypt.

This awakening and activation journey is limited to only 10 people who 

feel called at the soul level to participate. 

If you are a full-body YES! for this trip, please send your email application letter to or

Only serious inquiries, please. 

A very limited number of partial scholarships/trades are available for those needing financial help. 

Meet Rima

Dr. Rima Bonario is a dream weaver, soul coach, and wild ♥ healer. Her life's work is facilitating potent processes and soulful healing practices that bring about a re-connection to our inherent, sacred wholeness. Rima speaks and teaches on women's sovereignty and awakening through her in-person and online workshops, group and private coaching programs, as well as through hands-on healing sessions. She brings her compassionate heart and thoughtful insight to her work, weaving together a safe and sacred place for her clients to experience programs that include elements of myth and archetype, ritual and ceremony, and Soul/shadow work.

Rima’s most recent offerings include body-based energy practices and explorations in the arenas of sexual sovereignty and embodied feminine presence. She loves supporting women in connecting with the hidden feminine power source inside every woman's body and learning how to open to receive and conduct that power so that we can lead turned on lives of soulful delight, making the world better by our embodied feminine presence and our purposeful contributions. 

Rima holds a doctorate in Transformation Psychology and has studied with Soul Mentor Sera Beak, Master Energy Teacher Lynda Caesara, Toaist Healing Master Mantak Chia, and Master Tantric Educators Tj Bartel and Charles Muir.

Rima resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Tobias and her daughter Sophia. 

Working with Rima


Being driven to succeed, working hard, be assertive, proving myself… All these things led to burnout, exhaustion and frustration in my work and in my body. I had to learn a different way. Entering this Feminine Temple with Rima, was amazing. I now practice the feminine energy of receiving, allowing, and holding space. This is much more in alignment with who I am in my essence and it feels fantastic! I now have new tools that have helped me return to joy in my work and navigate through my life in an empowering, yet feminine, way. Rima is the real deal for transformation and returning to your true self. Working with her is a game-changer!
Non-Profit Executive


One of the greatest gifts I received from Rima is knowing what it feels like to work with someone who walks her talk. She demonstrates what it means to be awesome with humility. With her I felt heard, seen and validated as I faced my own challenges. Working with Rima has called me higher and yet at the same time validated my fears and growth areas. This was an incredible combination that gave me the courage to continue my growth while releasing my fear of being seen. I have made so many changes and stepped forward in big ways in my life. If you say yes to working with her you will find a woman who shows up authentically and connects from her heart.

Corporate CEO


I have worked with and taught divine feminine principles, relationship between the masculine and feminine, and conscious equal partnership for many years. This work has given me an entirely new understanding that, not only has changed how I do life, but will be woven into the next octave of my sacred work in the world. I wouldn't just 'recommend' this work. I would say it is nothing short of a necessary soul requirement for women to reclaim their natural state of divine grace and magic. These lost arts have opened up an entirely new understanding and my body is crying, "Thank you. Thank you. This is how it is supposed to be. This is my natural state."
Author and Shamanic Coach